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We have invested in state of the art diagnostic equipment from autologic which enables us to perform all the same functions as a main dealer.  The dealer-level software provides real-time data, component activation, programming, coding and read and clear fault codes.  Our diagnostic equipment covers a wide range of vehicles including all Australian and Europeon models.  

With more than 15 years of continuous development and expertise, the Blue Box remains a vital part of  Autologic's overall device offering.  A major milestone in our history, Blue Box helped to create the success  that Autologic enjoys today. While it remains a reliable workhorse for our customers, the industry is  evolving  at a rapid pace. With advancements in technology, it is anticipated that the AssistPlus will become  the device  of choice for independent repair shops across the world. Click here for more info

The VERDICT diagnostic and information system includes a wireless display, scanner and meter to let you  be in more places at once. View all of your readings and control the scanner and scope remotely from the Display. Have everything you want, use only what you need.

With Windows® multitasking and Wi-Fi Internet access, VERDICT puts everything in your hands from anywhere in the shop: codes, live data, component tests, Troubleshooter, web resources and real-world  answers. The integrated SureTrack® Expert Information System adds confidence to any repair (Requires  Wi-Fi access and current software upgrade). Even access the optional ShopKey®Repair Information System  for the information you need to complete the repair.  Click here for more info


Key aspects of the Assist service are delivered through AssistPlus, our OEM-like diagnostics device  platform. Built to meet the challenges of diagnosing and repairing complex European-designed cars, the  AssistPlus device combines a deep diagnostic feature set with a range of additional applications, including  web browser, high resolution stills and video camera, live connection to Assist technicians and cloud-based  vehicle reporting as well as file syncing.

AssistPlus is a device platform, which means we can add new technologies and new service providers to the device as they become available, ensuring that your device expands its value to your business over time.  Click here for more info