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Like any other part of your car, in order to run efficiently the Air-conditioning system needs regular attention.  In fact, it needs recharging with gas and lubricant every two years in order to avoid unpleasant smells and harmful bacteria forming.  What is more, an Air-conditioning system that does not have the correct level of gas has to work harder, in turn putting strain on the engine and subsequently using more fuel.

A full service of your air conditioning includes -  

  • System pressure and vent temperature checks
  • Comparisons to recommended levels 
  • Full visual inspection
  • Recovery of refrigerant
  • Evacuation of air and moisture from the system
  • Leak test
  • Recharging to recommended levels, adding fresh system oil as necessary
  • Air-conditioning cleaner to clear bacterial build up and remove any unpleasant smells

Legislation & Regulation

On the 1st of July 2005, the Australian Government implemented a licensing scheme to support regulations under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989, designed to reduce emissions of environmentally harmful refrigerant gases.

Under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 (the Regulations), a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation is required when a business or individual wishes to acquire, possess or dispose of refrigerant. A Refrigerant Trading Authorisation is subject to conditions and auditing processes designed to minimise the risk of emissions while the refrigerant is in the business or individual's possession.

Anyone wanting to install, service or repair an air conditioner, or any other piece of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment must be a licensed technician under the regulations.

Kevin is a fully qualified holder of a Refrigerant Handling Licence, therefore is qualified and has met the licensing requirements under the regulatory body. Click here for more information.